Would parking your Vette in the middle of the desert count as an interesting location? Photo: GM

So how about we hear USA Today wants pictures of your Corvette in an “interesting spot?” Apparently in response to the Corvette’s 58th birthday, the major news publication is putting up a gallery of pretty Corvette pictures for all to see on its website beginning on the week of July 4th.

Some of the stipulations to the rules include; no driveway shots, no photo-manipulation (i.e., Photoshop), and it has to be in some sort of interesting location, like near a beach or at your favorite country club. It doesn’t say whether or not they want your ugly mug in the picture, so we assume that it’s OK to be standing next to it with your wife, girlfriend, or whatever hottie you’ve managed to stumble upon on that particular day.

They do mention that they require adding your first and last name, hometown, model year, and trim level of your car to the entry form, and to also share a little information about the location and setting of your photo. They have already begun accepting entries, and will continue to do so until June, 27th, so what are you waiting for? Email your entry to mtrott@usatoday.com, and be sure to put Corvette in the subject line today!