Upgrading Your Corvette’s Brakes? Zip Has Everything You Need


DB-656aYou’ve poured your weekends and cash into making your Corvette the asphalt burner of your dreams, and now it’s time to rein her back in – to apply a little more of the “opposing force” Newton talked about in his first law to your object in motion.

Zip Corvette is the place to start when you want to stop your ‘Vette, whether you’re replacing one part or upgrading the entire system.

Components and Kits

C1 through C6 owners will find the hardware from respected brands like Carbotech and Hawk to restore a tired set of binders, and complete kits from Wilwood for those wanting that arrestor-cable feel.

Zip’s 2-Piece performance brake rotors are OE replacements available for C5 and C6 Corvettes, built in the USA, and they feature Coleman Racing drilled rotors. Deluxe overhaul kits are available for 1965-1982 cars, and come with a lifetime warranty on all brake calipers – new and remanufactured.

DB-792C5 or C6 drivers can upgrade to the C Z06’s system for under four grand. The kit has everything you need, including new GM mounting hardware, steel braided lines, Hawk Corvette Brake Pads, and a complete set of GM calipers.

Essential Extras

Feeling nervous about tackling the project yourself? A wide selection of books and manuals are available. Zip also offers links to do-it-yourself instructions, articles, and a Corvette parts blog.

Nothing’s worse than going for the brakes running into a hot corner and stepping on a marshmallow. With quality parts, a low price guarantee, and their no-hassle return policy, Zip is the place to start stopping.


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