At the most recent Mojave Mile event held on April 10th, 2011 Joel Feingold broke the 200 MPH barrier. Readers may recall the recent feature on Feingold’s C5, titled 198 and Counting; well Feingold may still be counting, but the impressive 203.1 MPH run proves his dedication to upping his game. This car serves as a weekend cruiser and a road course toy along with competing in the standing mile competition.

The current record holder for the track is Bob Griffith with a top speed of 222.7 MPH. It may seem like a minimal difference between Feingold’s current speed and the record, but like drag racing or other forms of racing, the costs increase geometrically as you reach the upper limits.  At a certain point the line is crossed between a street driven car and pure racecar, and Feingold intends to keep his Vette on the streets of Los Angeles.

The Mojave Mile takes place twice a year at the Mojave Air and Space Port, which is privately owned airfield in Mojave, California. Thanks to the videos, it is possible to gain insight into what 200 MPH really looks like and thanks to shake from the camera we are able to get idea of what it feels like as well. When the fall event (October 8-9th) rolls around, Feingold will be back in search of increased speed and more video footage of his exploits.

Yes, the speedo is reading 200mph.