This wasn’t how you planned to spend your afternoon, was it?

While the seventh generation of Corvette has only been out for just under a year, that doesn’t stop the redesigned coupe from dropping in a manner similar to that of winged insects. Wether it be at the hands of the driver or otherwise, we’ve seen too many good ones die young. In this case, the perpetrator came in the form of a 2014 Chevy Impala that veered off of the intended course during a Texas test drive event. We’re assuming it’s one of those promo events aimed at promoting the latest model of Chevy’s flagship sedan where the consumer gets behind the wheel.

 From what we’ve been told, a bystander to the incident said that the operator of the sedan had special needs and was reversing the sedan when it collided with two 2014 Corvettes. There were no reported injuries and the operator walked away scot-free, but it appears as if at least one of the two cars affected was damaged beyond reasonable repair. We aren’t sure exactly if these were dealership demos or privately owned, but what we do know is that somebody managed to take a painful blow to the wallet. Not only do Corvettes retail at over $60,000, but we’re more than positive that the 2014 Impala retails for a pretty penny as well. Thankfully everybody was alright and perhaps this was an expensive yet valuable lesson learned in how to coordinate future events like this. Hopefully so because as Corvette enthusiasts, happenings like this are truly tough to stomach!