Unusual Sighting: A Road Worthy C2

As far as Corvettes go, there are very few models that are more sought after and more valuable than the C2 Stingray. The C2 Corvette Stingray ran from 1963-1967 and over the years they have greatly increased in value selling for far more than their original cost at recent auctions. Because of their value, exclusivity, and the fact that most owners preserve them in air-tight bomb shelters, it’s not everyday that you see one on the road, much less running at a local autocross event.

Over this past weekend at the Hotchkis Autocross NMCA West Fontana event we saw many enthusiasts having a great time with their rides but there was one car that really caught our attention. The car we are referring to was Greg Thurmond’s beautiful red C2 that was being ran hard through the course and generating some great times. We watched Greg run his car through numerous laps before approaching him to find out more information about the car.

As it turns out, Greg is the owner of GTS Customs out of Simi Valley, California and this was no ordinary C2. While the car maintained the look of a stock C2, Greg’s car was actually equipped with C4 suspension and a C5 Z06 engine and transmission package. During out discussion we uncovered that the C2 shell was actually original and it was Greg’s company (GTS Customs) that does modern component swaps into older shells to make more road worthy classics. 

Regardless of exactly what was added to this C2, it looked great, sounded great, and put down some respectable lap times with Greg at the helm. This truly was a rare sight and a very road worthy C2. 

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