Unique “Modern L88” Corvette Has Shining Moment at Russo & Steele

When it comes to classic high-performance Corvettes, the L88 models are hard to beat. That is, unless you have a 540ci-wielding all-out road warrior Corvette created specifically to hold its own against road racing competition like this 1969 custom race and street Corvette. Featured in a video recently uploaded by Power Brake TV on Vimeo, we’re lucky enough to take a closer look at this amazing car.

Although road-racing style, these headlights make it possible for the '69 Corvette to be driven on the track and the street.

This ‘69 “modern L88” Corvette was created through a no expense spared build that ultimately aimed to produce a Corvette super car. The result is the classic C3 you see here, clad in a period-correct paint scheme reminiscent of Le Mans racing liveries.

Started as a non numbers-matching 427ci 4-speed Corvette, the car was converted to this intense powerhouse by Campbell Auto Restoration in Campbell, California.

The build included an all-aluminum 540ci big block engine with an electronic management system, Kinsler Greenwood Corvette cross ram style intake manifold converted for fuel injection, HTD belt drive system, and a dry sump oiling system. Backed by a low inertia carbon multi disc clutch and a Quaife sequential shift synchro-less 6-speed transmission, the car is capable of producing just over 800hp on 91-octane.

Underneath, the car is equipped with an independent rear suspension from a ‘96 Corvette, double adjustable coil over shocks, a Torsen differential, HD rearend gear case, and unequal-length A-arms in the front. The car is also equipped with rack and pinion steering, monoblock 6-piston brakes on all four corners, 335 width front tires and 345 width rear tires. Additional safety features were also included on the car for racing purposes, including five-point harnesses, a Chromoly roll cage, safety fuel cell, and two Halon fire systems.

With the interior featuring Sparco seats, an aluminum main floor (both of which were used to give the car enough room for a driver up to 6-feet 8-inches tall with helmet clearance), custom-built dash with full gauge package, and driver-adjustable rear sway bar and brake bias, this Corvette is built for the toughest road competition around while maintaining its streetablility with features like a high-flow exhaust system and GM racing headlight assembly. In addition to the car being the epitome of a goal well attained, the Corvette also holds bragging rights as a feature car in many publications like Hot Rod and Vette Magazine.

This intense Corvette came up for auction last January at the 2012  Russo and Steele Scottsdale Auction, which is where you see Bob Sweeting looking over the car in the video above. Unfortunately, we’re not sure what became of this car once it crossed the auction block because the car is neither featured in the 2012 Russo and Steele online catalog nor in their auction results. Either way, this Corvette is one unique piece of machinery paying a great tribute to the classic L88 race cars of its generation.

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