Unicorn, Meet The Supercharged Version Of Leroy

We’ve been following along as Cleetus McFarland, famous YouTuber and bald eagle fan, and Kyle Loftis, founder of 1320Video, have been competing in a build-off of their newest project cars– both of which happen to be C5 Corvettes. One has noticeably more body panels than the other, though.

Cleetus' Leroy and Kyle's Unicorn

We pretty much knew the plan for Kyle’s “Unicorn” C5Z (as detailed in our previous article), but the plan for Cleetus’ “Leroy” was still up in the air. But, the one thing we did know was they were both aiming for 1,000+ horsepower.

With very little hints leading up to the beginning of Leroy’s build, Cleetus started videoing the process– from dropping the drivetrain and swapping out the heads, cam, and fuel system to finally installing an LSA supercharger, which came straight off a Cadillac CTS-V.

The lion’s share of the parts came from our friends over at Texas Speed & Performance and, judging by the idle on Leroy, they sent over some awesome stuff. We can’t wait to see what this unique combo puts down on the dyno.

Cleetus’ claims Leroy is about to reach an “entirely new level of savagery,” and he’s “starting to feel really bad for Leroy’s lil b*tch,” AKA The Unicorn.

As of now, there are a total of five episodes (as seen on YouTube). Episode six will take place at ProFab Performance Plus, where Leroy is heading next, to get a cage installed.

The process took place over about a week’s time at Fasterproms and, in the end, the car sounds super mean. We have yet to see it on the dyno, but judging from Cleetus ripping around the streets, it seems pretty quick. He says, it’s “way too damn fast for its own good.”

So, who are you rooting for? Leroy, the stripped down C5, or the 1320Video Unicorn, the twin-turbo C5Z?

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