Turn One2When you tear into a power steering system to do upgrades or modifications, it can be intimidating to keep all your facts straight. Things like flow versus pressure, pump pulleys, and other considerations can leave the enthusiast looking for more guidance.

Turn One High Performance Steering Systems has produced an insightful and very helpful FAQ section on their website to address some of the common concerns. Plumbing a power steering system is just like any other engine-driven accessory, it has it’s own needs and troubleshooting tricks. By keeping an eye on the issues outlined by Turn One you can arm yourself with the information necessary to be successful in your project.

Let’s have a look at just a couple of the points they raise in response to common power steering questions.

“Why does my pump expel fluid out of the cap during high performance driving events?” Just like a radiator or any sealed cooling system, when you overheat the fluid, their will try to expand and even change phase to gasses in the case of water. An overheating power steering system can cause fluid to escape and make a mess.

Turn One“What is a flow restrictor and what does it do?” If you have spent any time researching ways to alter your steering feel and resistance to suit the needs of your driving style you have probably encountered flow restrictors. A flow restrictor reduces the output orifice size on the power steering pump, this increases effort it takes to turn the wheel and can create a more “positive” feel.

For more answers, check out the whole FAQ page.