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Tuning From A To Z With Innovate

If you’re interested at all in tuning, you know about Innovate Motorsports’ line of wideband oxygen sensors. They’ve become a common sight alongside chassis and engine dynos from coast to coast, so it’s not surprising that the guys at Innovate know a thing or two about tuning in general. What might be a surprise, though, is that every so often somebody throws a term at us like “Lambda” or “Low Impedence Injector”, and though we probably should know exactly what they’re talking about, all we can do is nod, smile, and hope we can figure out what’s going on from context.

Innovate did us a solid with their tuner term glossary, though – now we’ve got no excuse for saying, “isn’t that what gyros meat is made from?” when somebody asks us about Lambda. Once we’ve mastered all the lingo, our next stops will be EFI and Carb Tuning Central, then perhaps some of Innovate’s Case Studies. Then, we’ll feel comfortable marching right up to the speed shop counter and asking for some Low Impedance Injectors “that are designed to run at a much lower current than would be supplied by a direct 12 volt connection” and “require a special signal that is initially at full current (4-6 amps, a.k.a. “peak current”) for about 1.0-1.5 ms, but then drops down to about 1 amp (“hold current”) for the rest of the opening pulse.” Yah, we copied that from Innovate, but the parts guy doesn’t need to know that…


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