If you are ever in the market for a Corvette in need of serious reconditioning, repair, and/or more, then autosource.biz will most likely have exactly the remnants of the car of your dreams or nightmares. AutoSource deals with salvage titled vehicles that sustained damage due to theft, floods, smoke damage and collisions. They appear to have a decent inventory of Corvettes, with more cars becoming available every week. When compared to other offerings by salvage companies, these cars seem to be actually repairable. A few early model Corvettes are available for repair with damage sustained from floods, fire and front end damage caused a collision with some sort of object.

With Mother Nature seeming to be on the rampage this year, classic Corvettes and late models are seemingly being targeted by rising floodwaters. With international shipping available from this company, it is certain that many of these cars will undoubtedly end up in foreign countries where obtaining a new and “clean” title may be possible. It seems unfair that this could happen, but it never hurts to run the VIN when purchasing any car whether in this country or another.

As an added incentive to check back for an updated inventory list, there’s a note advising viewers that three ZR1 Corvettes that sustained roof damage will be available soon. These ZR1’s were damaged in transit to dealerships; it must have sucked to be the driver of that rig, unless it was caused by hail damage, but the insurance claim had to hurt regardless of cause and/or fault.