If you have wheels on your ride that have an open design that lets you see the brake calipers through the spokes, I bet the dirty and plain brake calipers on your car bother you. Some people prefer to paint their calipers, but we think painted calipers are only marginally better than most factory calipers as far as style goes. If you want to hide those ugly calipers completely and help keep your wheels cleaner too, MGP has the solution.

MGP has been making its caliper covers for various makes and models for a long time. These covers are easy to install and only require that you remove the wheels. MGP offers the covers in a variety of styles and colors to suit your car and tastes, or you can also order custom painted covers if you want to match your ride.

You can opt for embossed covers that give the look of big brake kits or a smooth look just to cover the calipers. The coolest thing about these covers is that they also help keep the brake dust that is generated by everyday driving off your wheels so your wheels stay clean longer. Check out the video from MGP to see the install process and learn about the caliper covers.