Don't be fooled by the picture, the BendPak SP-7X is a full-height lift with a 7,000lb. load capacity and saftey lockouts, as you can see by the attached video. Images: Corvette Forum

For those of us lucky enough to even own a garage to keep our cars in, we all dream about the day where we will have both the time and the funding to fully-equip our “man caves” with the best tools, the biggest air compressor, and the nicest lifts available. Yup, we said lifts. Sorry, but if we’re building our own version of the Garagemahal we’ll be damned if you’ll ever see us crawling on our backs again.

The biggest name in automotive lifts is BendPak, and you’ll find their products in many of the most popular professional garages around. We use them here in the power TV shop. Even guys like Jay Leno and Bill Goldberg rely on their equipment, and these fellas can pretty much afford anything. With celebrity endorsements like that, how could you go wrong?

This morning we caught a glimpse of a BendPak in-ground car lift, this model called the SP-7X Scissor Lift, was installed in one of their latest customer’s garages. The garage itself, though appearing fairly small, is nicely furnished and equipped with all of the best high-tech gizmos you can think of; cameras, a TV, refrigerator, and even lasers and a glow-in-the-dark floor according to the BendPak website. We think the latter two may be a bit much, even for guys like us, but we still think it’s a pretty sweet setup overall.

Check out the attached video clip of the garage in question, and watch how well the system works while lifting the garage owner’s two BMW’s. In case you’re wondering, the lift has a 7000lb lifting capacity, strong enough to lift even the heaviest of muscle cars or full-size SUV’s.