Each of us is blessed with different talents – some can work with their hands, others are given the gift of musical ability, and for those almost completely without useful talent, there is always writing car stuff on the internet to fall back on. This variety is a good thing – While we might look at the work of someone who can turn imagination into art and envy them, a world filled with nothing but artists would probably starve, and would definitely mooch off of its girlfriend.

While we don’t know whether or not Ruben Ooms, an automotive artist and pinstriper from the Netherlands, can drive a tractor or build furniture out of trees, he definitely swings a mean pencil, and a wicked pinstripe brush.

In this time lapse video, we see him render a hot rod C1 Corvette on a black background with white pencil, capturing the details of a car show setting quite well for someone not natively steeped in American car culture.

A glance through his online portfolio reveals art in both saturated, comic style and dark, atmospheric work. It’s clear that Ooms is a fan of American iron, though he does occasionally stray from classics and hot rods. While we’re envious of his seemingly effortless artistic skill, at least we can get a two and a half minute peek into the world inside his head.