Earlier last week we learned through the forum Yellow Bullet, that Tim Lynch’s record setting Outlaw 10.5 twin-turbo Corvette suffered a devastating fire during testing at Maryland International Dragway (MIR), in Mechanicsville, Maryland. It is speculated that a turbo came apart at the end of a test run, and shrapnel from the turbine punctured the under-hood fuel cell, subsequently causing the fire. The Corvette sustained a great deal of damage, but thankfully Lynch escaped the fire with no major injuries.

Kelly Lynch, Tim’s wife, had this to say to the Yellow Bullet forum members after the fire was reported:

“Thank you all for the kind words and thoughts towards Tim. They are still at MIR and are planning on coming home tonight or tomorrow. Tim was checked out by the EMT’s at the track and is fine. He did inhale some smoke while trying to get out of the car, but it could have been A LOT worse…The most important thing is that everyone is fine; Lynch Mob maybe down(for a bit) but not out!”

We will definitely be keeping a sharp eye out for Lynch and his crew as they get back on their feet from this setback.