Throwback Thursday: Designing An Exhaust For Performance Gains

exhaustHere we are, staring another Thursday with an editorial throwback. The week is almost over, and once again, we open the Chevy Hardcore vault. We’re taking a step back in time to locate an article – this time, about exhaust flow – that you guys might have either forgotten about, or might not even know exists. Whichever the case, we are certain that you will enjoy this editorial flashback.


The original article is an excerpt from the Cartech-published book How To Build Max-Performance Chevy Small-Blocks

I decided that this week, we should take a look back to just a few months ago, June 2017, and visit at an article that all gearheads can find chock full of valuable information – Designing An Exhaust That Pumps Up The Power.

The original article is written by David Vizard, and can definitely benefit you. How? He gets into a lot theory about what does and does not work when it comes to an exhaust. For instance, did you know that cast-iron manifolds can deliver almost as much power-making air flow as headers? You can find out how in the original article.

David also discusses how primary and collector length and diameter can be optimized to increase an engine’s exhaust flow. Speaking of primary header pipes, do you think  the length of each pipe affects an engine’s power output? That’s another discussion David covers. The article is not only a lot of information. It also delivers several graphs that visually explain the testing results of the information.


The article is full of graphs that show the testing. This shows that headers with around 18-inch-long primary tubes do not perform as well as those with longer primaries. David also explains that when a header’s primary length is greater than about 24 inches, the system becomes very insensitive to length changes.

There is a lot more exhaust-ive information to be gleaned in the original article. But, to get all the info., you’ll have to check it out to get the whole story. So, take a look back at, Designing An Exhaust That Pumps Up The Power, and find out how you can design the perfect exhaust system for your hot rod.

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