For us here at Corvette Online, being in SoCal means every day is “Drive Your Corvette to Work” Day, but there are plenty of owners who keep their Y-Body in the garage during the work week. This Friday, June 29th 2012, which is the closest Friday to the Corvette’s official June 30th birthday, is time to bust out that Chevy and drive it in to your place of employment.

Since 2001, the Corvette faithful have celebrated the anniversary in this fashion, giving their lucky and envious co-workers a rare chance to see the cars that usually only come out to play. To help encourage you to participate in DYCtWD this year Mid America Motorworks, purveyors of fine Corvette-related things, is asking you to post a photo of your Friday drive on their Facebook page, to see how many Corvettes are on the road this year.

So remember – Friday is the day to drive your ‘Vette to work, take a picture, and put it on Mid America Motorworks’ Facebook page – don’t come crying to us on Monday when you’ve forgotten!