Despite the fact that the late-’70s to mid-’80s was somewhat of a dark point in automotive history, we still have a deep-rooted appreciation for performance cars of the time. Some say that they wouldn’t be caught dead behind the wheel of a Disco-era Corvette, but those individuals don’t know what they’re missing.

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Case in point is this 1979 Corvette that you’re looking at on this page. Sure, it might not have as much pickup as the big-block 427’s and 454’s of it’s predecessors, but the later C3’s were more refined than the cars of ten years earlier.

This example belongs to Tremec Transmission Lab Supervisor, Tom Aden, and was originally ordered with just about every option available for ’79, including the still relatively popular L-82 350, mirrored t-tops, and the ’78 Pace Car front and rear spoilers. The only option missing is the power antenna.

Tom also dressed his car up with side pipes and last but not least, a Tremec T-56 gearbox. Not only is the 6-speed manual stronger than the factory unit it replaced, but it makes Tom’s trip to to work far more fun, and it also helps in providing better fuel economy. Who’s going to fault that?

Proving that Tom knows what he’s doing, he actually assembled the transmission himself, utilizing Viper-grade internals. It might sound perfectly ordinary these days, but it should be pointed out that Tom was one of the very first guys to pull this off.

If you are looking to subtly update your classic Vette or just want something stronger than what General Motors installed in your car originally, then give Tremec a call, and they’ll be more than happy to help you out and answer any question you may have!