Third Time is a Charm For This Restomod ’65 Corvette Roadster

The thing about owning a highly customized car for a long time is that eventually all those sweet custom touches you added and crazy paint scheme you picked are going to look dated. The owner of this 1965 Corvette Roadster woke up one day and realized that he was in this exact situation. The car had won the honor of being a Hot Rod Magazine Top 10 Car several years ago, but the purple paint and styling cues were starting to show their age.

So, having been a previous customer, he called up RPM in Warrendale, Pennsylvania, where there motto is a simple and straight forward; “Lower, louder, faster.” The car was completely redone in a more modern Pro-Touring style build with a red and black two-tone paint job, and RPM shipped the Vette back to Texas. However, after taking a good long look at the car, the owner decided that silver was the actually the right color for the car, and it was sent back to RPM yet again to get it right. Third time’s a charm, right?

Also, after thinking it over, the owner decided to do something a little different from the typical resto-rod with an LSX swap. Instead of going for the expected powerplant in this type of build, they went with the big, bold, and bad-ass GM Performance Parts 572 Big Block Chevy, and topped it off with an old-school stack-styled Kinsler fuel injection set up. The bad-boy 572 Big Block is rated at 620 horsepower and 650 pound feet of torque, and features an all forged rotating assembly and a shockingly pump gas friendly 9.6:1 compression ratio.

Check out RPM’s website to take a look at all the build photos, and to keep up with the 65’s progress.

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Clifton Klaverweiden

Clifton has been a car fanatic since his late teens, when he started the restoration of his '67 Camaro. He considers himself a student of automotive science and technology, and particularly loves all things LSX. And, although he has an appreciation for everything, from imports to exotics, his true passion will always be for GM musclecars.
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