So, it’s little wonder that Edelbrock lives up to it’s “most trusted name in the industry” moto. With the introduction of its new performance lubricants line, Edelbrock is quickly becoming the one-stop shop for all of your high performance needs.

If you’re looking to build a hard-hitting street or racing engine, Edelbrock was an obvious choice for intake manifolds, carburetors, cylinder heads and so much more. But how about the life’s blood of that engine? Now, Edelbrock is providing you with a line of fully synthetic (10W40 AND 5W30) and crude based (10W40) engine oils (with an optional Zinc-enhanced formula for added internal wear component protection).

Of course, if you’re running somebody else’s oil but still wanted that added protection, Edelbrock’s patented Zinc Additive can be purchases separately. But, that’s only the half of it. Getting your engine broken-in right is tantamount to running the right oil on the street, so Edelbrock is also offering a premium SAE 30-grade high performance Break-In Oil, Designed to optimize the break-in process by applying a hydrodynamic layer to all the crucial surfaces, bringing your engine to life has never been safer!

  • Supreme wear protection for valve train components
  • Provides maximum heat resistance
  • Optimal anti-wear protection
  • Great for classic and competition racing engines