They’re Still Out There: A Rare One of Three Corvette C2 Barn FInd

They may be getting more rare and harder to find, but believe it or not survivor Corvette C2s are out there. Treasure hunter Kevin MacKay got lucky a few years ago when he came across this original black on black 1965 Corvette. At the time of finding it, he was unaware that only 1,191 black Corvettes left Kentucky in ’65 and only three featured a black exterior and a black interior. Further adding to the rarity of this Vette, is that it’s one of 5,011 cars equipped with the RPO L76 365 hp 327 ci engine. Another rare option is the RPO N03 36 gallon tank, only 41 of these big tank Corvettes exist. Due to their scarcity, they have become very sought after among collectors.

Black on black. Tears on a river. Push on a shove. It don't mean much. Joker on jack. Match on a fire. Cold on ice. A dead man's touch

This particular Corvette, born on September 1st, 1964, was driven for 10 years before being parked in a garage in 1974. In addition to the 327 mill, the car features a four-speed manual transmission, a tire roasting 3.70:1 Posi track rear end, power brakes for quick stoppage, off road exhaust, and a telescoping steering column. According to Corvette Blogger, the car was most likely raced in its heyday as its fender flares are bulging, there is a wildly modified shifter in the cockpit, and there is a custom fabricated center exhaust out back.

Kevin MacKay sold the car to the current owner Doug Fortune – though Kevin will be restoring it at his shop, Mackay’s Corvette Repair Inc. MacKay is hoping to have the car roadworthy soon and back on the roads of Los Angeles. If you have any info on this car and happen to know when it was raced post a comment below.

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