There is More to This C7 Than What Meets the Eye

In the world of used cars, there is often more to the car than what meets the eyes. When purchasing a used car from the original owner, buyers are able to gain valuable insight to the history of the vehicle – history that may otherwise be forgotten about or not even be known about by other owners or dealerships. The funny thing with used cars however, is that with a fresh detail and some tire dressing, they can look great and hide all kinds of flaws!

While exploring the Insurance Auto Auctions website, we stumbled upon this C7 that on the surface, looks great. Just by looking at this picture, what’s not to love about this car? It looks to be a very clean and barely driven red C7 – a vehicle that is not exactly easy to find right now. With only 1,800 miles on the odometer, this vehicle is a buyers dream! There is only one problem though, it has been flooded. 

The digital dash is an awesome feature of the C7, but this one currently does not work.

This perfect looking C7 is up for auction because it had excessive flood damage that has caused the digital dash to be completely inoperable. In addition, the motor will not start – a minor detail for someone looking to purchase a used car to drive! This Vette looks clean, and rightfully so because it surely had a rather “overboard” car wash.

All kidding aside, this vehicle could likely be purchased at a good price which should save the new owner some money if they have a good grasp on mechanical knowhow and vehicular electrical systems. Hopefully the original owner was not hurt during the flooding and that they have a brand new C7 in their garage now to replace this one!

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