The Smoking Tire’s Matt Farah Learns How to Drift Bondurant’s Vette

Have you ever wanted to learn how to drift? This skill takes a ton of practice and a truckload of tires to perfect, but that didn’t stop The Smoking Tire’s Matt Farah from taking to the track at Bondurant in an effort to learn the skill in just one day. Check out Farah’s progress in the video above, courtesy of CorvetteBlogger.

Farah makes his living by driving cars. As the star of The Smoking Tire, Farah can drive with the best of them, laying down laps on a track like a pro. However, he admits that though he’s wanted to learn, he’s never had the time, money or tires to be able to learn how to drift properly. That’s where the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving comes in. With Formula DRIFT’s Corey Hosford, Farah took to the pavement for a crash course in drifting.

To start things off, Farah jumped into Bondurant’s Cadillac CTS skid car. With adjustable outriggers that look like training wheels for the car, Hosford was able to control the amount of rear traction the CTS got as Farah learned the basics. Ironically enough, Farah’s biggest struggle was not adding enough steering in the controlled slides.

After getting his feet wet, Farah jumped in the drivers seat of the Bondurant Corvette Grand Sport. With more grip than the CTS provided, the Corvette proved to be even more tricky. Drifting may look easy, but even the basics like donuts and figure-eights turned out to be harder than they looked for Farah and he had to learn a key component to drifting properly – patience.

With two sets of tires’ worth of rubber on the skid pad, Farah was ready to move onto the track. With the proper skills under his belt, Farah was able to successfully drift the Bondurant track in the Corvette, taking Hosford by surprise. Because of his success, Farah was then given the opportunity to drive Hosford’s KSport Nissan 240 drift car around the track.

After 7 hours and five sets of tires, Farah knew how to drift. But that wasn’t the end of his drift experience with Hosford. After thanking all the sponsors, Farah and Hosford took to the track for a tandem run – proving that Farah had actually learned all the skills he needed to drift in just a days worth of driving. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing Farah’s newly formed skills progress on future episodes of The Smoking Tire.

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