The Secrets of Spray Revealed by Nitrous Express

Nitrous oxide injection has a near-mythical reputation among those who know just enough about cars to get themselves in deep trouble. It’s the magic bullet that makes the other guy’s car unbeatable, and the Faustian deal with the devil that destroys your engine.

Of course, neither of these is true – N2O is simply a power adder that, when used correctly, gives more additional horsepower per dollar than any other. And because, unlike a supercharger or turbo, nitrous only puts added stress on the engine when it’s actively in use, it’s potentially the safest way to make a stock engine more powerful.

Scratching your head about how things get wired up? Help is at hand...

Fortunately, Nitrous Express is helping to push back the boundaries of ignorance on this subject with their comprehensive website. It features far more than just a list of their extensive product line – you’ll also find a FAQ that directly addresses all the misinformation people commonly have about nitrous oxide, jetting guides for all their products in case you misplaced the information that came with the system, and even a page where you can download instructions for their systems.

That last bit is pretty important – if you’re contemplating putting a nitrous system on your vehicle, you can download the complete installation and usage guides so that you know exactly what’s involved before you even add it to your cart. While we know from direct experience that NX’s instructions are top notch and answer most every question you might have, the website also features a prominent link to their live chat, open Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 Central time.

Browsing NX's online catalog is like being a kid going through the Sears Wish Book. Also, congratulations on using the internet if you are old enough for that reference to make sense...

Nothing builds confidence like knowledge, and Nitrous Express has made it easy to increase your understanding of how nitrous oxide can be used safely and effectively, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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