San Bernardino, California currently houses a ZR1 in serious condition; the car was totaled out during accident and is now up for auction at the Salvage Autos Auction. Corvette Blogger covered the ‘Vette’s tale of woe on their site along with photos of the poor car. Currently, the highest bid on the car is $25,250 and with an estimate of over $70,000 to bring the car back from the dead, this is going to be a labor of love.

The most likely scenario is that the engine will be scavenged along with rest of undamaged parts and possible be up for sale on eBay or elsewhere.  It seems sad to grave-rob a ZR1 with barely 3000 miles on the odometer, but is anyone really going to want a salvage title ZR1? The heart of car, the supercharged LS9, seems to have survived the front-end collision, but it hard to tell if there is significant damage to the front end of the engine from the pictures.

With the interior in seemingly perfect shape, other than dust and dirt from the wrecking yard, it would be a perfect swap for another, lesser car. This might be the opportunity for someone to convert their ‘Vette to a ZR1; think of it as an organ donor. May this ZR1 rest in peace and perhaps live on in some form in another car.