The Original “Supernova” Racer ‘Vette Heads To Monterey’s Steve Burns offers a vivid yet informative illustration to paraphrase the racing career of the “Supernova,” the fuel-injected ’64 ‘Vette that was owned and driven by SCCA racer, Bill Jobe, “By definition, a supernova is the explosion of a star during which the star’s luminosity can increase by up to 20 times and most of the star’s mass is blown away at a high velocity. By our definition, a Corvette racecar can explode around treacherous racing circuits at equally high velocities.”

No better words could have ever been spoken of the legendary ‘Vette that helped Bill Jobe to win two SCCA National B production championships, along with more than 20 first place spots as Southwest Division Champ from 1971-72. Jobe campaigned his car throughout the 1972 race season, and each year he took it to the SCCA runoffs.

Now, Jobe’s legendary SCCA championship fuelie is up for auction at Monterey, California’s upcoming Russo and Steele’s, 12th Annual Monterey Auction. This year’s auction will be held from Thursday to Saturday, August 16-18 at 290 Figueroa Street in Downtown Monterey.

SCCA driver, Bill Jobe's 'Supernova' '64 'Vette still has its original Traco Engineering motor and original transmission intact, and is going up for bid at this year's Russo and Steele Auction in Monterey, California.

The car in question is a museum-worthy piece that is in “as raced” condition and has been since the ’70s. It sat in a garage for over 25 years and still has its original Traco Engineering motor with Ramjet injection intact. The original transmission, transistor ignition and shifter are also still present and accounted for.

This original SCCA ‘Vette is also one of the most well-documented race cars you will find, as it has under its glovebox the original VIN and trim tags. The car also features a current SVRA log book.

Even if you’re not currently in the market for what is a highly-historical and race-ready ’64 ‘Vette, then you can buy a general admission day pass for Russo and Steele’s auction for $20. But if you are, then this year’s Monterey Auction will be the hottest marketplace you can find!

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