The Lion King Corvette


Lion King wrap. Try to find that on Kelly Blue Book when estimating your cars value.

One of the greatest things about America is the freedom of speech and the self expression it allows citizens to exhibit. While some choose to exhibit their self expression through body modification, protesting, how they dress, or altering their image, some people choose to express themselves through the modification of their vehicle. There is nothing more American than going through the gears in a beautiful Corvette on the open road. Even though there are a thousand different ways one could customize their Vette, does not mean they are all good ideas.

Hopefully the owner loves sunsets, because they have one on their car.

Recently submitted to us was a few pictures of this Lion King themed C6 that is sure to turn some heads. The design of the C6 demands attention and is even more attention grabbing when painted in yellow, but what do you do if you want even more attention? The answer is simple; have a Lion King-ish sunset with lion face affixed to every exterior surface. 

There are a lot of vehicle modification trends that look great and a lot that look terrible, but where does this fit in (comment below)? The theme is hard to understand because its not easily understood like if someone were to put a horse theme on the side of their Mustang. Although that probably would look tacky, at least it would make some sense. 

Having a Lion King setup on a car really raises some questions. Is the person a lion activist? Does the person simply love big cats? Was Lion King their favorite movie? How does a lion have anything to do with a Vette? Were lions chosen because the car is yellow? We simply do not know. 

The sunset theme really accentuates the body lines.



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