barbie_c7_power_wheelsThe brand new C7 hasn’t been out long, but it’s already inspiring a line of kids toys that might just be too hard for any little gearhead to pass up. One of these toys is the 2014 Corvette Stingray Barbie Power Wheels we recently came across on the National Corvette Museum’s store website. And let us tell you- this is one hot starter vehicle!

The C7 is the most powerful model in the current Power Wheels stable, featuring a 12-volt battery system capable of producing 3 MPH and 6 MPH forward movement, and 3 MPH in reverse. But it’s not just the optimal power numbers that the toy shares with the real-life Corvette.

Designed to closely resemble the sporty body lines of the next-generation Corvette, the Barbie C7 features a comfortable “sport” seat, split 5-spoke “chrome” wheels, clear headlights and a vented hood that opens just like the real 2014 model.

Also included with the Barbie C7 is a Barbie license that matches the car with unique colors and graphics related to the Barbie brand, which will make driving the miniature sports car that much more realistic for your little gearhead.

Marketed for kids ages three and up, the C7 Power Wheels is available currently through the NCM store for $259.95 with an additional shipping charge of $175 for being an oversized item.

The winter holidays are right around the corner. Now is prime time to get your shopping done and what better gift is there out there right now for your young Corvette enthusiast than their very own C7?