What’s black and white and red all over? Why the infamous “Dragon Vette” of course! It appears that the mastermind behind one of the most controversial Corvettes on the planet has changed the color scheme and outside décor yet again. For the summer, it appears that eye-catching orange stucco paintjob was not appropriate for the season or the rumored divorce is still in the hands of the attorneys. Now, we see a charming color combination that is reminiscent of a flattened skunk.

Thankfully “kthomas,” a CorvetteForum.com member, was able to procure pictures of the latest manifestation of an angry ex-husband or possible hallucinogen addict’s creative destruction of a C6. It seems as though the owner has grown to love the name “Dragon Vette” and has created a logo for the iconic monsterpiece.

A round white circle has been painted on the hood and prominently features a fierce looking dragon with its wings spread as if it were ready to attack a nearby Prius. It appears that the owner has added “Dragon Vette” emblems on the doors; each door features a white circle with a profile view of what appears to be a dragon’s head, but it could be mistaken for the Loch Ness monster.

Regardless, we applaud the fact that he has taken the time to give the car a more consistent appearance. With the Rust-Oleum black paint applied over the stucco orange mess, the overall appearance is similar to a papier-mâché Batmobile art project brought home a by kindergartener. Love it or hate it, the “Dragon Vette” continues to shock and awe all who behold its glory.