The Fastest C2 Corvette in the World? Possibly!

Pay a visit to the Corvette Forum and you will find a brief, but interesting posting about a 1965 C2 Corvette in Finland. The posting notes that it is most likely the fastest naturally-aspirated C2 Corvette not only in Finland, but possibly in the world. According to the post, the Corvette hit a top speed of 193.4 MPH in the standing mile. There is a similar post on another website,, and it adds a few more details to the story. The run was made at Joensuu Airfield in Joensuu, Finland. The car is said to have a small block V8, not supercharged, but is aided with nitrous oxide.


The great thing about this story is that this is a Corvette that is actually driven, the way sports cars are meant to be. Many classic Corvettes are simply museum pieces now, rarely driven (if at all) and meticulously polished–never taken out on the road, flogged around a track, or put on a drag strip, wringing out every ounce of horsepower and torque, giving their drivers the pure thrill of rubber-melting burnouts and smoke in their rearview mirrors.

finland1There is certainly something positive to be said about seeing a classic Corvette in a museum or at a car show in its original or fully-restored glory; factory markings in perfect place, interiors immaculate, engines spotless with nary a speck of dust or even a single fingerprint to be found on the pristine, shiny paint job of the world-renowned, much-loved, incomparable icon of American culture and automotive history.

Still, there is also something equally appealing and awesome about taking a classic Corvette (or any classic sports or muscle car), putting the pedal to the metal and experiencing it the way it was meant to be: driving it fast–enjoying pure, unadulterated fun and ultimate driving pleasure.


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