The Deepest Dive To Date: Mid-Engine C8 Corvette Details


With all the recent ZR1 news coming to light, there has been less and less info regarding the long-awaited mid-engine Corvette– until today. Thanks to Wheels, the silence has broken.

We shared the news about the temporary closure of the Bowling Green plant– many (including us) jumped to the conclusion that it was to prepare for the production of the C8, which is said to be the most revolutionary Corvette of the last 65 years.

If its true, its said Chevy will be rolling out not only left-hand drive variants, but right-hand-drive options as well.

After announcing the final Commodores, Holden promised their fans an American-powered V8 sometime soon– so, could the C8 be its replacement? It’s definitely possible.


The C8 will be focused on Ferrari as a competitor, except coming in at only one-third of the price. To us, it seems the mid-engine C8 will pull many exotic cues, possibly using the name Zora, and delivering power from either the classic American V8 or a hybrid system.

All models and options are said to be extremely lightweight, in line with GM’s pursuit to eliminate mass. The report states the base model will come before others and is rumored to arrive with a 502 horsepower V8 under the hood, sporting the latest in aerodynamic technology. Later on, the DOHC V8 option will debut pushing around 670 horsepower.


A rumored hybrid ‘Vette we’ve seen testing is said to push that power even further. General Motors has given us many hints about the hybrid; first trademarking the “E-Ray” name and, now, in an interview. John Cafaro of Chevrolet design said, “[Chevrolet] Bolt technology and electrification really has applications in performance cars. You see it at Le Mans… it’s going to happen.”


We all know about the dramatic shift to the mid-engine platform but, aside from that, the C8 is said to be continuing the key elements we know and love from the C7 ‘Vette– the low and wide stance, the controversial tail lights (that we happen to love), and the air intakes accenting the aggressive front fascia.


General Motors design chief, Mike Simcoe, explained that the C8 will adopt the latest in aerodynamic principles, like those of Porsche and McLaren, such as air blades in the wheel arches and air diverting vents towards the rear.



As we said before, its rumored that Chevy is aiming to create Ferrari-beating performance for one third of the price– recent reports show the C8’s price tag will be roughly $89,000 USD ($120,000 AUD). Not too bad.


For decades, the mid-engine platform has been a dream of General Motor’s, but in the past, the costs have always resulted in the V8 living up front. Supposedly, work on a mid-engine C7 was underway in 2006, but was thrown off the table after GM’s bankruptcy back in ’09.

The updated model year and release date information falls in line with previous claims stating Chevy’s new supercar will be coming to dealers sometime in 2019.

General Motors executives were said to be considering scheduling the reveal for the Los Angeles Motor show this year, but have ditched the plans in hopes to keep building the suspense until closer to the launch. It’s expected to be revealed to the public early next year, probably in Detroit at NAIAS.



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