The Best Videos, Pictures and Stories Of Corvettes In Snow

With the eastern half of the country experiencing early cold weather (and our California home base experiencing an 80-degrees-and-sunny January), it’s time for the yearly reminder of why Corvettes should stay in the garage during a snowstorm. Each year sites like YoutTube see a large number of Corvette drivers who fall prey to the winter weather and the subsequent traction issues that follow.

Sometimes people end up in unpleasant situations through no fault of their own, but it seemed like a great idea to compile the best “Corvettes stuck in the snow” stories along with a few examples of having fun in the white stuff.

In no particular order, here are the best of newsworthy combinations of Corvettes and Old Man Winter…

In an earlier news story, CorvetteOnline reviewed the plight of a C4 Corvette driver who made valiant efforts in an attempt to make it down a snow covered street. Eventually the driver gave up and left the car overnight, but the circus music added a certain something to this one.

Although this video takes place on a residential street, it does serve to point out the “dangerous” and often humorous consequences of driving a PowerWheels Corvette in the snow. Other than perhaps being a little sore or slightly hungover the next day, the Corvette driver suffered no life threatening injuries other than becoming internet-famous. If one has to drive a Corvette in the snow, perhaps take a clue from this video and try to have some fun without having to a call a tow truck.

Corvette Caught in Slippery Situation:

During a major winter storm that inundated Texas with copious amounts of snow, the Dallas/Ft. Worth area Fox station’s traffic chopper caught a silver C6 Corvette struggling through the snow drifts. After sliding down the street and then across the lanes, the Corvette driver lost his patience and threw a Texas-sized hissy fit. Just remember, if you are crazy enough to drive your Corvette during 4×4 weather and then get mad about it, you are likely to end up on the web.

Unfortunately, there is not a video showing how this Corvette ended up in the swimming pool, but when you combine a rear wheel drive V8-powered sports car with snowy, icy roads the consequences can certainly suck.

Then there are those individuals who seek out snow covered roads or fields in pursuit of taking some of the most astonishingly weird fetish videos known to mankind. It is hard to figure who would find a yellow Corvette with a diminutive woman of Asian decent stuck in snow arousing, but to each their own. Perhaps the masterminds behind this video franchise and the Power Wheels driver have the right idea?

Time and time again, people are crazy enough to drive Corvettes in the snow and it seems like someone always has a video camera handy when they get stuck. This C5 Corvette owner enlists the help of his friends and a friend’s father in an attempt to get the ‘Vette back on the road. Some four minutes, an Oompa Loompa and a Star Wars reference later, and Pete the Corvette driver lands his buddy with over two hundred thousand views on YouTube.

Here’s yet another take on the Texas snowpocalypse of 2011; this particular individual decides to have a little fun the slushy snow in what appears to be a school parking lot. Other than the potential for calamity involving a light pole, tree and/or curb this seems like a pretty safe place for some slushy donut fun. Sure, it is a little risky but there are few things in life that are fun and involve little or no risk.

For the Thanksgiving weekend, General Motors posted a news story detailing a few safety tips for holiday travel and a video offering a few tips for driving in inclement weather. With millions hitting the roads over the holiday season, this GM news release documents the necessity of checking fluids and proper vehicle maintenance during the winter months.  Along with gaining an understanding of how anti-lock brake systems work and a reminder about not pumping the brakes, the tips are straightforward and should be considered common sense; but our video and news compilation of Corvettes and snow illustrate the need for a reminder. Other reminders include keeping the vehicle’s gas tank half full in cold climates to prevent freezing of the lines or other issues, and using the proper antifreeze to avoid major issues like cracked engine blocks.

Items To Keep In The Car:

  • Blanket
  • Boots
  • Extra Gloves
  • Flashlight
  • Jumper Cables
  • All-Weather Rubber Floor Mat
  • Tow Strap
  • Ice Scraper
  • Snacks
  • Extra Phone Charger

Even though seeing the antics of the inexperienced, unfortunate, crazy or just plain are amusing, snowstorms are serious business to the rest of the country (southern Californians, those living in Hawaii, parts of Florida and other tropical US territories are encouraged to smile and nod, or click on another page). While these may seem like common sense suggestions by GM, they can save lives or at least make breakdowns a little more comfortable. After all, you don’t want to make our list next year, do you?

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