Go FAST: The Basics To Fuel Injection 101

The carburetor is a way of life for some people. Could it be easier or cheaper? Maybe it’s all they know as far as getting fuel into their engine. Have they considered fuel injection and all the benefits that come from it? We decided to share with you the basics of fuel injection and just how easy it can be! Have they considered fuel injection and all the benefits that come from it? We decided to share with you the basics of fuel injection and just how easy it can be!

Why electronic fuel injection? Fuel injection is much more efficient than a carburetor. Instead of relying on suction from intake air, fuel injection forces fuel through a small nozzle (your injectors) under high pressure and gives your engine the exact amount of fuel that it needs. There is no “falling on it’s face” with EFI as all of the fuel is pressurized and electronically controlled. Never again will you have to worry about stalling up an incline because your fuel swished to the wrong side of the bowl. You can decide the rate at which you wish your fuel to be delivered by changing fuel tables. If you’re a fan of MPG, fuel injection will give you noticeably improved fuel mileage.

Our friends over at CPG Nation have made swapping from a carb to electronic fuel injection easy (and affordable!) for the backyard mechanic. FAST EZ-EFI is just as the name sounds, fast and easy. In fact, it’s so fast and easy that you can throw it on in a single afternoon! When you decide to take the plunge into electronic fuel injection, you get the: throttle body, ECU, wide-band O2 sensor, fuel pump kit, a clearly labeled wiring harness and hand-held user interface to help self-tune your engine right then and there. It also comes with Precision-Flow Injectors but OEM injectors can be used. If you’re transitioning to EFI from carb, it literally just bolts into your existing manifold – we really don’t think it can get much easier than that!

Just like on your carb, when you press the gas, the throttle body blades open and the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) sends it’s measurements up to the ECU where it then decides how much fuel needs to be sent to the injectors based on humidity, temperature changes and inclines which in turn, mixes with air and shoots into the cylinder, giving you the proper air-fuel ratio. Just think of how much work you’ve just saved yourself by self tuning your carb overtime a cloud comes out by letting your EZ-EFI do the work for you!

Most all of the important EFI sensors are actually mounted to the throttle body assembly, like the Idle Air Motor, Manifold Absolute Pressure and Intake Air Temperature that help monitor the engine to create the desired air-fuel ratio for whatever conditions you may be driving in. The MAP sensor will also help monitor when the car is accelerating or decelerating to richen up or lean out the fuel mixture to achieve better MPG.

As always, the guys (and gals) over at CPG Nation have come through yet again and have made an excellent product for those intimidated by EFI. We don’t think they could have made the transition any more easier than they already have. EZ-EFI literally gives us a reason to “plug & play!”

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