Corvettes and boats seem to blend well, with the beloved sports car acting like a muse for boat builders. Regardless of the motivation found in merging a ’67 Stingray and a boat, it was a well-executed build deserving of a little further investigation. Last week YouTube provided CorvetteOnline readers with a glimpse at a ’67 Stingray inspired boat named the Aquavette. Performance Restoration in Lynnwood, Washington is the self-proclaimed home of the Aquavette and thanks to YouTube it is possible to see the ’67 Stingray gliding through the water. Whether or not this is a promotional video or just a chance encounter, the helicopter cameraman provided some amazing footage of the wake created by the speeding Corvette.

Being performance junkies and Corvette lovers, the addition of a Corvette engine would have been a nice touch, but the Johnson outboard motor seems to propel the Aquavette without issue. Based on the footage from the helicopter cameraman this particular machine does not seem to be lacking in power or looks. Even on the trailer the boat builders spent time to create the Stingray look, but the carefully crafted boat manages to still look like a ’67 while in the water. Instead of leaving a couple of black marks and a cloud of smoke under full throttle, the Aquavette creates a decent wake that is every bit as enjoyable as a smokey burnout.