The $2 Million Laraki Epitome Is Basically A 1,750 Horsepower ‘Vette

We live in a day and age where abnormal levels of wealth are not so abnormal anymore. Many a coach builder is ready and willing to cater to a clientele that thinks nothing of shelling out a million bucks for a single car. While Bugatti may have started this trend, automakers from around the globe are attempting to extract a piece of the uber-wealthy pie with unique, powerful, and expensive hypercars.

Digital Trends reports that the latest entrant into this elite club is the Laraki Epitome, a $2 million, 1,750 horsepower hypercar that makes extensive use of carbon fiber and other exotic materials. Oh, and it is based on the outgoing C6 Corvette.

The man behind the Epitome is yacht-builder Abdesslam Laraki, who oversaw the creation of this incredible (and incredibly priced) automobile. Starting with a Corvette C6 chassis, Laraki takes a 7.0 liter LS7 engine and tunes it to make around 1,200 horsepower on 91 octane. But at the flip of a switch, a secondary fuel tank can pump 110 octane fuel into the engine as well, boosting power to an absurd 1,750 ponies. While top speed and 0 to 60 figures weren’t discussed, it’s probably safe to say it will achieve “ludicrous speed.”

This isn't Laraki's first rodeo when it comes to attempted hypercar manufacturing. From 1999-2008, the company developed and built a Lamborghini Diablo-based sportscar called the Fulgura, and a bespoke GT coupe called the Borak before going out of business.

But we do have to take issue with the price. Even if the Laraki Epitome started off with the $110,000 Corvette ZR1, which already makes 638 horsepower, how exactly to they add $2 million worth of value to a vehicle based on another, comparatively cheaper vehicle? But that is something the nine potential owners of this limited-run hypercar have to worry about, and not us.

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