The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky is presenting the opportunity for the “common folk” to win a 2012 ‘Vette, while simultaneously helping the NCM to fund their everyday operations.

Typically, a ticket for the NCM raffle can run anywhere from $100 to $500, but today’s $10 raffle promises to give all entrees an opportunity to buy unlimited raffle tickets for super cheap. Participants are not required to be present at the raffle, but all entrees must have a valid driver’s license, be 18 or over to enter and must buy a ticket. As a second-place prize, NCM is giving away a beautiful, Corvette quilt. Handmade by Holly Anderson, wife of NCM Board Member Richard Anderson, the unique quilt features several generations of Corvette performance embroidered within its fabric.

The Corvette in question, however, is the true prize of this user friendly raffle. This is probably because the Torch Red coupe features so many cool options, including a transparent, removable roof panel, cashmere interior with crossed flag embroidery on the headrests, a 3LT package with Navigation, Sirius XM radio and a Bose premium, 9-speaker sound system, Dual Mode performance exhaust, a 6-speed automatic with paddle shift, 5-spoke chrome aluminum wheels and a battery protection package.

The drawing is scheduled for February 2nd at 3pm eastern. From there a ticket will be drawn, and one lucky winner will get to drive off in a brand new, Torch Red Corvette with “all the fixins.” And while the Corvette quilt that’s being offered as a second prize may not offer quite as exhilarating of an experience as the Torch Red ‘Vette itself, this year’s $10 raffle at the NCM will still prove to be quite the cultural phenomenon, even for the most discriminating Corvette enthusiast.