The moment any new performance vehicle hits the streets, the race is on in the aftermarket to be first with parts, and the new 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray is no exception. Just a few short days after customers began receiving their cars, our friends at LG Motorsports in Plano, Texas have already built and dyno-tested a set of long-tube headers for the LT1.


408On LG’s Dynojet chassis dyno, the bone-stock Corvette made 414.69 horsepower and 407.00 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels – consistent with what we’ve seen for other baseline tests of the C7. With the addition of the prototype headers, which use 1 3/4-inch primary tubes and 4-into-1 construction, the car picked up almost 30 horsepower and more than 45 pound-feet to the tires, topping out at 443/453. Oh, and did we mention that’s with the stock tune?

There’s no word yet on how soon production headers will be available for the early-adopter crowd, but we will let you know when Lou Gigliotti and his crew are done fine-tuning the design and are ready to ship. We’ll also keep an eye on what happens when the LG long tubes are paired with a free-flowing intake and a proper flash tune to extract the maximum potential out of an uncorked LT1.

With the sound of the starting gun, LG Motorsports is out of the blocks and holds an early lead in the race to build performance parts for the new Stingray. What components do you want to see next?