Car collectors are always concerned about the safety of their vintage machines thanks to natural disasters, weather or thieves. For those living under a rock, Texas has been plagued by massive wildfires this summer and these fires led to annihilation of one man’s car collection. According to Jalopnik, John Chapman lost 175 vehicles to the massive fire that destroyed several barns and a garage. Chapman’s collection included nearly a dozen Corvettes along with numerous classic and collector cars. With losses including a Shelby Cobra, ’66 GTO, several Tri-Five Chevys and ’47 Studebaker pickup, it would be safe to venture that the Corvettes lost in the blaze were not subpar or dime-a-dozen models.

Chapman’s home was spared from the blaze, unlike his collection of vintage ‘Vettes and other models. When asked by a Houston Chronicle reporter about his losses, Chapman said, “You can either laugh or you can cry. You might as well laugh.” He was thankful that he and wife were not injured and that their home was still intact. It is hard to imagine keeping such a positive attitude after sifting through the charred remains of nearly a dozen Corvettes and other beloved treasures. What is even more difficult to imagine is the massive insurance claim that is likely on horizon – perhaps that has something to do with Mr. Chapman’s good humor, or maybe he’s just an eternal optimist. After all, things can be replaced, but people can’t.