Test Drive Gone Wrong – Takes Out Two C7’s

For anyone who has test driven a vehicle at a new or used car dealership, the worst case scenario is to have something happen to the car during the test drive. Dealerships sometimes take special precautions in an attempt to avoid accidents on their lot by ensuring that their salespeople drive the cars off the lot prior to giving control to the customer. These same dealerships will also carry heavy insurance policies to insure themselves against damages to their vehicles that could be caused by acts of God, vandalism, or even uncoordinated acts of customers.

Test driving a car is an exciting experience but it can also be rather nerve-racking if the vehicle is extremely expensive or powerful because at the end of the day, who wants to mess up someone else’s car? Well, as posted on a recent GTSpirit article, one gentlemen decided to go to his local Chevrolet dealership to test drive an Impala and the day didn’t end up as planned.

Two C7's and one Impala were hurt during the making of these pictures

According to reports, the customer had the Impala in reverse and then something happened causing him to hit two brand new C7’s. While details about the incident are not perfectly clear, looking at the pictures, it is easy to see that the C7’s were hit with a good amount of force. The white C7 took the majority of the impact followed closely by the yellow Z51 equipped C7. With three C7’s parked very close together, they are lucky the customer didn’t hit all three!

The bad news is that two C7’s and one Impala were hurt in the making of these pictures. The good news is that no one was hurt (other than the customer’s pride) and insurance covered the damages to all three vehicles involved. 

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