Tennessee D.A.R.E. Program Making Use of Seized C5 Corvette


The battle against drug abuse is an ongoing one in this country, providing good reason for the continuation of Drug Abuse Resistance Education, or the D.A.R.E. program in grade schools nation-wide. But educating fourth and fifth graders on why the stuff is bad for them can be a little bit difficult without tangible proof.

That’s why the Bartlett, Tennessee police department is excited about the new addition to their area D.A.R.E. program. As we found out from The Commercial Appeal, Bartlett police recently received the keys to a seized C5 Corvette that will now be making the rounds to help educate kids on the consequences of drug use and trafficking.

The Bartlett Police Department seems to have gotten the ultimate treasure from a 2010 drug investigation. Assistant Police Chief Glen Williamson told The Commercial Appeal that most cars seized in drug investigations are in pretty rough shape or cost too much to get titles for. But that wasn’t the case for the department’s ‘99 Corvette.

Taken when police found over a pound of marijuana between two cars and a private residence, the Corvette was just recently released to Bartlett police after appeals were cleared and the title could be transferred. The department opted for a red, white and blue vinyl wrap for the car with the statement “Seized from a Drug Offender” on the back.

Plain and clear, this message is meant to get the point across to children that you can have things taken away from you if you get caught with drugs. The hope is that children can associated the consequence with material things, making them think twice about using drugs.

The Corvette, which was believed to be used to transport and sell marijuana, will be driven by school resource officers in charge of area D.A.R.E programs. This will give children and adults alike the chance to see the car and take away its message.

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