TCI has completed redesigned their website to make researching and shopping for cutting-edge drivetrain components easier than ever. The new site features a new menu system that separates transmissions, torque converters, driveline components and accessories into easy-to-navigate categories to make searching the entire TCI product line easier than ever. Visitors to the site can also use the clearly labeled menus to sort by product line or vehicle application.

An integrated Wishlist feature allows you to save a list of your favorite items in order to let friends and family know exactly what you want. An expanded “Technical Support” area includes all the latest manuals, FAQs and articles and also features an updated torque converter and transmission recommendation form.

In addition, a “Latest News” section features all of the latest TCI products with images, press releases and more. An “Upcoming Events” area lets visitors to the site know which upcoming events the TCI staff will be attending. The new TCI website was completely redesigned from scratch to make assembling the perfect driveline setup a pain-free experience.

The TCI site follows suit with the other great websites from it’s parent company CPG, the Comp Performance Group. Other recognizable names from CPG include Comp Cams, FAST, Zex, RHS, Inglese, and others@