Swimming with stingrays may have proven to be the least intelligent thing the Crocodile Hunter ever tried, but swimming through the aftermath Hurricane Irene to retrieve your Stingray is a necessity. This poor gentleman had to contend with a rather large bitch slap from Mother Nature when it came to fishing out his Stingray from a newly formed lake. Despite the grim nature of this video, the Corvette owner named Kyle and his buddies maintain their sense of humor throughout the entire process. In the series of three videos documenting their “fishing trip,” Kyle wades out into the murky floodwaters to attach the tow strap to the waterlogged C3.

After hearing words of encouragement and a few comical remarks, Kyle dives under water to attach the strap in preparation to reel in the Stingray. Once the straps are in place, Kyle climbs into the wet ‘Vette for a ride he will certainly not forget; as the truck pulls on the C3 water begins to pour out of the car. Once it reaches dry land, Kyle opens the door allowing water to flow out of the passenger compartment. Thanks to Irene this Corvette will certainly require a lot of reconditioning and hopefully Kyle has good insurance. This Corvette owner is to be applauded for keeping his sense of humor throughout the ordeal, but next time he will probably move his car to higher ground and perhaps consider a pair of boardshorts if he is forced to swim with a Stingray again.