Thanks to YouTube, web junkies have been able to witness the vast array of wild and wacky LS swaps, but transforming a ’71 Corvette from ordinary to extraordinary with a modern LS swap is downright breathtaking. Jalopnik reported on the transformation of one particular third generation Corvette into a competitor for the modern ZR1. Fastlane Performance in Houston, Texas is taking this “vintage” ‘Vette from mild to wild with the ZR1 conversion. It appears from the pictures of the car that the ZR1 conversion is all about the powertrain because it looks like the guys at Fastlane have left the body alone, other than cutting the hood for clearance.  Perhaps a few enhancements will include a little modernization of the existing interior, but until more images are available it will be a game of wait and see.

Currently the Corvette, aptly named “Golden Rod,” has been treated to the supercharged LS9 found in the modern day ZR1 Corvette. Additionally, the guys over at Fastlane plan to modernize the suspension and braking of the ’71 Corvette as well. It will be interesting to see if they continue to utilize ZR1 components for increasing the braking capabilities of the car as well as the handling characteristics. This third generation should definitely turn a few heads at shows and on the street, but it will be interesting to see what the numbers turn out to be if the car makes a trip to the track.