Swap Insanity: LS9 Powered 4×4 Chevy Silverado

Sport trucks are a great concept; you get all the utility of a mundane pickup truck and some of the performance of a sports car. (As you notice we said “some,” not “all”) Dodge might have their “Viper trucks” that feature the same V10 as the two-seater sport coupe, but we’re thinking the LS9 powered Silverado featured in this YouTube video is the real king of the sport trucks. That’s right – the very same engine that powers the supercar-killing ZR1 Corvette also calls this lumber hauler its home.

The LS9 Silverado is build by the tuners at Fastlane, who also brought life to the 427 SS Silverado concept a little over a year ago. We don’t get too many details on the LS9 truck or the build from the video, but we do know that the engine is one of GM Performance Parts’ LS9 crate engines, and that this 4×4 puts down over 510 horsepower and 504 pound feet of torque to all four wheels in a pretty violent dyno run.

Much like this video from High Tech Corvette, we are treated to a few on-street blasts filmed by the GoPros. We’re not condoning the dangers of that kind of public hoonery, but we were kind of impressed with how fast the Silverado seemed to accelerate in street trim. Now, it’s nowhere near the kind of force you would expect from a stock ZR1, but then again, how many cases of beer will fit in the back of a C6?

Not too bad for a vehicle that was originally meant to haul horse trailers. Not bad at all.

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