Swap Insanity: Corvette-Powered Geo Tracker

The Geo brand of automobiles was GM’s half-baked attempt to take on the invasion of small Japanese compact cars (and wasn’t that what Saturn was supposed to do?) Geo didn’t even survive a decade, introduced in 1989 and discontinued after the 1997 model year. The only cars of note under the Geo badge were the 52 mpg (highway) Metro XFi and the small-SUV Tracker, based on the Suzuki Sidekick.

The Tracker/Swift has its own niche among off-road enthusiasts, but this Corvette-powered Geo found by Jalopnik on the LS1Tech forums is more sleeper than mudder.

That’s a Corvette LS1 engine under the diminutive hood of this Tracker, which looks to be in absolutely mint condition. Cramming the big engine into this tiny car required plenty of modification, as well as a new transmission, fuel system, rear end, and a whole lot more. This car has been all over the place lately because, well, who the hell puts a LS1 engine into a Geo Tracker? It’s something of an oddity, because it is such a clean sleeper, where as most of the V8 Trackers and Sidekicks are modified for some off-road ruckus, (just go on YouTube – rednecks have done this before.)

The mini-SUV was underpinned by a robust light-truck chassis and a competent 4×4 system. No 4×4 on this Tracker, of course, but it does have a supercharger too, because, you know a LS1 V8 engine in a small SUV that only weighs around 2,200 pounds isn’t insane enough. With 500+ horsepower in a 2,200 pound light truck it must go like stink. This is one of the most unassuming sleepers we’ve ever seen. How about you?

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