Love it or hate it, the Corvette wagon concept introduced at the 1954 Motorama was striking.  This concept, called the Nomad, led to the creation of an iconic wagon revered by auto enthusiasts. Superior Glass Works decided it was time to resurrect the wagon concept by creating the limited-edition Superior 54 Sport Wagon.  This model was carefully crafted to recreate the original Corvette-Nomad-wagon body  style, with a little modernization. This kit features C5 Corvette handling and braking, while maintaining the classic look. C5 Corvette IFS and power steering along with coil overs provide a modern feel and handling for the front; in the rear the C5 IRS is narrowed 6 inches for accurate track width. Superior Glass works only uses low-mileage C5 components for use in their Superior 54 kits.

The kit does not include a C5 engine; it features motor mounts ready to accept the Chevrolet LS series engine. Superior delivers the car ready for paint, engine and interior, leaving one to debate which LS powerplant would be the optimal choice for this wagon (hint: LS9 crate engine. No question).

For those not inclined to install their own engine and or deal with the details, Superior offers a couple different packages to suit a variety of consumers. The Turn Key package offers to take the Complete Rolling Package (for those not interested in heavy lifting) to a complete car for an additional $70,000, for a base price of $195,000 for the Complete Rolling Package. Only 25 of these kits will be produced; in order to reserve your wagon a deposit of $50,000 is required (it’s only money, right?).