When you think of a 1981 Corvette, one would not envision fishing poles mounts and four-wheel drive, but Dewey Powell of Ocean City, New Jersey has shot the stereotype of what a Corvette should be straight to hell. Corvetteblogger was able to provide a detailed description of this unique ride and Corvettereport provided the back-story of its creation.

In 1976 Powell purchased the car with a turbocharged LS6 (the big block Chevy from the ’70’s, not the current version – Powell has not mastered time travel) that was set up for drag racing.  Although the car may have started life as 1969 model, it presently wears a 1981 body. Coastal living may be ideal for humans, but it is not so pleasant for cars. Powell had a friend with an ‘81 Corvette body for sale and that is where the modifications started.

After removing the body from the car inspiration struck, and Powell decided to make the car a 4×4 that would suit his fishing habit. Due to the short wheelbase of the ‘Vette the front-wheel drive unit was scavenged from a Cadillac Eldorado. Powell then mounted the transfer case behind the transmission and all that was left was to find a power plant for this project. Having previous experience with racing Hemi powered rides, it seemed to be the perfect fit for the space constraints of this project. Currently the ‘Vette is powered by a 392 cubic inch dual quad HEMI engine. Love it or hate it, this type of engineering is a labor of love.