Before the MTI ZR-48 Corvette inspired boat, Malibu Boats introduced their 2008 Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V. This blend of C5 Corvette styling and performance resulted in boat that resembled the iconic sports car without looking cheesy. According to Malibu’s website the Sport-V was offered in two packages, the Z06 and the Coupe – like its’ namesake, the Z06 features a 505-horsepower LS7 engine, while the Coupe relies on a Hammerhead 383 CID engine.

With the optional LS7 the limited edition boat had the power and design of the Corvette down to a fine art; details like Corvette emblems, seats and taillights serve to enhance the overall effect. Even on the trailer, these boats stand apart from the masses on the launch ramp thanks to the use of Corvette wheels on the “Corvette Trailer.”

Vette Boat Waterski: 34-32 from Bakes Online on Vimeo.

Malibu’s engineering team designed this trailer; the tandem axle design features the standard Corvette wheel with the Coupe package or the more aggressive Z06 design on the optional Z06 package. When the rear storage hatches are opened on the Z06 model Malibu a custom Lexan door is revealed to show off the potent LS7 powerplant; twenty-four red LED lights also highlight the engine compartment. Other Corvette inspired accouterments include authentic Corvette seats.

Despite being wrapped in vinyl (because plush leather and water do not create an ideal fusion of purpose and design) the interior of this creation truly pays homage to its’ namesake. Malibu surpassed their rendition of the C4 Corvette and boat design with the 2008 Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V and there are a few used models up for sale.