STS Turbo Kits For Everyone!

Looking rather sinister beneath the back of a Z06 Corvette is STS Turbo’s wickedly awesome twin turbo package. The deceptively simple-to-bolt-on turbo kit can turn your already raucous ‘Vette into a street screamer producing up to 50% more horsepower (the sound of 700-plus turbo-charged ponies is rather tempting, is it not?). For the Corvette, the air filters feeding the turbos are tucked high up into the rear fascia, while the return tubes run along inside the rocker panels, away from view.

But the Corvette isn’t the only one who gets to have some boosted fun. STS perfected their turbo package for not only the LS-powered GMs, but also the V6s! With a single turbocharger spinning this 1-out-of-50 Hurst-Equipped Camaros, STS was able to improve the pony car’s output by 40% while amazingly improving its emissions by a staggering 80%! The dyno and smog data is incredible and enough to wonder why a turbo’ed V6 isn’t a factory option.

In fact, the V6 market is quite the boon for STS. Expect to see many more V6-powered Mustangs running the cool rear-mounted setup while both V6 and HEMI-powered Challengers, Chargers, 300Cs, Magnums and even HEMI-equipped Jeeps receive the same treatment. But there’s good news for those Jeepsters without the gas-guzzling V8; turbo kits for Wranglers pump the ponies up from 180 horses to 280! But hey, STS reports significant gains with those late-model elephant-propelled Mopars. They should know, after all. They’ve been boosting HEMI-powered Ram trucks for eight years!

  • Single- and Dual-Turbo Kits Available
  • Model-Specific and General-Application Kits Available
  • Gains Upwards to 50-Percent
  • Kits Designed to Work With Stock Motor Applications

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