Seeing a huge Weiand blower emerging from the hood and impeding vision of the road, oncoming traffic, small children and squirrels just makes you smile. It is safe to assume that this ’85 C4 Corvette will not pass emissions testing in the most stringent states, but that only adds to the cool factor. The Corvette’s owner and his friends or relatives have been busy posting videos to YouTube of the car and they are definitely entertaining.

During the walk around video, viewers actually get an idea of how monstrous the blower looks; and when the guys get it out on the road it becomes truly apparent how this monster blower could be an issue for a street-driven Corvette. Not that visual impairment would stop most die-hard folks, because it is just too cool. As the guys turn on to a surface street you can hear the blower whine and a slight bark from the exhaust; but what is amazing is their restraint while on the street, it seems like the car is almost begging for the gas pedal to mashed. However, once the ‘Vette is safely inside the shop (must be nice), the guys decide to show off the loping idle of this blown C4.  With the crazy idle and enormous blower, this once mild-mannered 1984 Corvette has become a work of art and is guaranteed to turn heads.