Stolen: 1963 Corvette Pro Street Machine And Trailer In California

We’ve all seen it recently—someone posting across the internet that another race car has been stolen.  Sadly, we’re here to report that terrible news yet again. Ed Thornton, a Pro Street racer out of Chino, California is the latest victim. Thornton reported Sunday that his twin turbo 1963 Chevy Corvette, and its trailer, had been stolen.

Thornton says the trailer is a white, 30-foot ATC with Comp Turbo and Lucas Oil stickers prominently placed on the sides and rear door. The Corvette is black, and features Comp Turbo, Lucas Oil, and PSCA (Pacific Street Car Association) stickers, among others. Several people have said the car and trailer were taken from Thornton’s place of business, in an industrial park, though that hasn’t been confirmed.

Commenters have noted that Thornton’s location is unfortunately near large expanses of desert, where the car may have been dumped, or worse, destroyed. The largely unspoken fear is that, like so many other victims of vehicle theft, Thornton may not ever find out what happened to his car. It brings about the importance of GPS tracking and insurance options that are available for race cars. For those of you sitting at home and thinking “what if?”, now is the right time to do some research, make an investment in one of the options available, and protect your race car or project. Anybody could be put in Thornton’s shoes.

If there’s even a bit of good news in this story, it’s that surprisingly, we’ve seen quite a few happy endings to these stolen car stories lately. In June, Colleen and Chuck Keehne’s 1987 Mustang was stolen, and with the help of news outlets like Dragzine, web forums, and Facebook, the Mustang safely made it home in less than 48 hours.

We’re crossing our fingers for Thornton’s Vette, and hopefully we’ll be reporting on its safe return soon. Until then, keep the word out there, and if you have any information as to the whereabouts of Thornton’s car and/or trailer, he’s asked that you contact him directly at (909) 230-9797.

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